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About Hill's

Heritage of caring

More than 80 years of pet food innovation

Buddy, the inspiration behind Hill's pet food

Hill’s food was started by Dr. Mark Morris, an exceptional vet. He believed that we should take pet healthcare as seriously as our own.
Seeing the link between poor nutrition and illness in pets, Dr. Mark Morris developed a pet food that was superior to any other on the market.

The turning point for Dr. Morris came when he met a blind man called Morris Frank and his beloved guide dog, Buddy. Buddy was suffering from kidney disease and he asked for Dr. Morris’ help.
Dr Morris knew that because many of the commercial pet foods available at the time were high in phosporus and protein to make them taste better, feeding them could harm the kidneys. So, he set about developing a food that was low in salt yet high in flavour and nutritional value.

This food became Hill's Prescription Diet k/d™, which went on to become the first commercially available Hill's pet food. It helped Morris and Buddy enjoy many more happy years together. That's why we think of Buddy as the first ever Hill's Pet.

  • 1929

    Dr Mark L Morris Snr. opens the Raritan Hospital for Animals in Edison, New Jersey, the second small animal hospital in the world

  • 1948

    Prescription Diet™ k/d™, the world’s first canned clinical pet food to help manage pets with kidney disease

  • 1949

    Prescription Diet™ r/d™ - breakthrough nutrition for weight management of dogs and cats

  • 1951

    Establishment of groundbreaking company research laboratory in Topeka, Kansas

  • 1968

    Hill's™ Science Diet™ range of wellness lifestage foods, including products for growing pets

  • 1979

    Hill's™ Science Diet™ Senior Nutrition for healthy geriatric pets Hill's first to launch complete lifestage nutrition

  • 1987

    Hill's™ Science Diet™ Light Developed to help maintain pets’ ideal weight

  • 1994

    Prescription Diet™ t/d™ First dental food clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar

  • 1998

    Prescription Diet™ n/d™
    The only food clinically proven to increase the survival time of dogs undergoing cancer treatment

  • 2001

    Prescription Diet™ b/d™, the first clinically proven nutrition to improve age-related behavioural changes in older dogs

  • 2003

    New Hill’s Sensory Centre in Topeka, Kansas, To help Hill’s develop great tasting products for dogs and cats

  • 2004

    New nutrigenomics laboratory and research department to develop nutritional innovations based on pets' gene expression

  • 2005

    Prescription Diet™ j/d™ - first nutrition clinically proven to improve mobility in dogs in as little 21 days

  • 2008

    Prescription Diet™ j/d™ Reduced Calorie - Clinically proven nutrition to improve mobility in obese-prone dogs

  • 2010

    Hill's™ Science Plan™ VetEssentials Nutrition specifically formulated for pets' essential health needs

  • 2012

    Prescription Diet™ y/d™ Breakthrough nutrition to manage cats with hyperthyroidism

  • 2013

    Prescription Diet™ Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution Revolutionary weight loss and maintenance nutrition formulated with nutrigenomics technology

  • Today

    Over 100 pet food formulas to meet the needs of individual pets

More vets feed Hill's
than any other pet food

Hill's pet food was developed by a vet, and it's reputation amongst vets is unbeatable. Vets trust us because they know that all our foods are carefully formulated by veterinary professionals, using only the very best clinically proven ingredients.

Your pet can be
a Hill’s Pet too

Our pet foods are still formulated by vets, and continue to help pets and owners get the most out of life together. We believe that if you feed your dog or cat Hill's, you will be helping your pet enjoy a longer, healthier, happier life.

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