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I’m 7 years old and
not about to stop.

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Keep your dog in the game with NEW Hill’s™ Science Plan™ Youthful Vitality. Cutting-edge food science created specifically for adult dogs 7 years and older.

Fight the signs of ageing

This precise nutrition is formulated with ingredients to help support:

  • Brain Function
    Powerful antioxidants for a healthy brain to support desire for family interaction
  • Energy and Vitality
    Protein and L-carnitine support improved activity and the ability to get moving
  • Healthy Immune System
    Vitamins C & E help bolster a strong immune system
  • Healthy Digestive System
    High quality, easy-to-digest ingredients with great taste
  • Luxurious Coat
    Essential fatty acids promote a coat with increased shininess and softness

Adult 7+ dogs
deserve a food they'll love

Keep your older dog's taste buds happy with a good-for-him-food that he'll relish every time. This breakthrough nutrition is made with our proprietary recipe of natural ingredients including fruits and vegetables, added fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids – all working together to fight signs of ageing in the most delicious way!

Watch for these 5 signs of ageing

Just like with people, age can slowly creep up on dogs. You may not realise your furry friend is starting to display some age-related changes. See if you’ve noticed any of these signs – and be sure to visit your vet if you notice:

  • Confusion
    DIfficulty managing daily things like finding the door
  • Withdrawal
    Socialises less than before with owner and other pets
  • Sleep routine changes
    Change in sleep patterns, more awake at night
  • Accidents
    Starts having accidents, despite being toilet-trained
  • Fatigue
    Plays less, sleeps more

See how pets age through expert eyes

After years of research into pet ageing, we’ve learned a few things – let us show you!

See the science

Watch the video

See these adult 7+ dogs in action!

Science Plan™ Youthful Vitality

for every breed size

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Caring for your dog
as he ages

He may not feel old just yet, but at 7 years of age a dog’s nutritional and care needs begin to change. Here’s how to best care for mankind’s best friend as he enters his golden years.

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Where to buy

Hill's™ Science Plan™ Youthful Vitality dog food range is available at your local pet store or online. Locate a store near you or start shopping online for fast, convenient delivery to your door.

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