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Behind the scenes at PetShopBowl

Owner of PetShopBowl, Adam, packing deliveries

At PetShopBowl, we have been busy delivering pets’ dinners to homes all over the UK since –striving to be THE online pet shop for the UK. Our team aren’t just animal lovers but pet-owners too, so our friendly team uses their experiences at home, to help customers with all their worries and questions about providing the best for their little companions. We also do as much as we can to help our local environment too so we reuse packaging and recycle as much as possible, and we think helping charities is super important too, so we donate food and treats to several different charities and support the local Shakespeare assistance puppies.

The idea for PetShopBowl came from Adam's experience, with his mother suffering from arthritis and struggling to carry heavy bags of dog food. Not to mention the last minute dashes to the supermarket to stock up on cat food! Adam also noticed how expensive supermarket prices were, so he decided to set up with his partner Lexi and make a positive impact on the pet industry.

Co-owner of PetShopBowl, Lexi on the phoneOur main aim is to bring the interaction pet parents would get in a store, to an online environment, by offering advice and guidance on anything they want to ask us! Not only do we send out helpful guides and post blog articles from our Veterinary Medicines Manager to all our customers, but our customers test products for us and give us their reviews too! They can get in touch with us using social media, shoot over emails to us, ring up for a chat and use our online chat (and sometimes even pop in to see the girls in the office) to ask loads of different questions. The most common worry that we do get asked about is pet obesity.

It’s common knowledge that as a nation of pet lovers, we love spoiling them, but we also want to keep them fit and healthy. We’ve found that Hill’s pet food range has become one of our top recommendations for this as it’s been specifically designed for helping pets tummies feel full but with low calorie levels and customers have even told us that it helps discourage from begging too!

If you’ve got any questions about how to get your little companion in shape for spring, why not give us a ring on 01789 205-095, send us an email over to bark@petshopbowl.co.uk or follow us on Facebook or Twitter!

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