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How can the right food help?

See how Hill‘s™ Prescription Diet™ i/d™ food helps recovery of dogs‘ digestive tracts - in as little as 3 days!* This great tasting, highly digestible food helps absorption of nutrients in a dogs‘ upset digestive tract. i/d™ Low Fat is special food with low fat levels that help a compromised digestive tract and support its recovery. It is specially formulated with:

  • Ginger to help calm and soothe the digestive tract
  • High levels of Omega-3 fatty acids to support digestive tract health
  • Prebiotic fibre to promote growth of beneficial bacteria

Ask your vet how i/d can help your dog‘s upset digestion!

The Right Food

Great tasting nutrition that helps recovery of the digestive tract.

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Ask your vet
about i/d™

You can get Prescription Diet™ i/d™ food from your local vet or find a vet near you.

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